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About Me


My dissertation research focuses on unrecognized states (Northern Cyprus, Taiwan, and South Ossetia) and their strategies for sovereignty. My central questions is: Under what conditions do unrecognized states forgo statehood? 

Research Projects

Global Black Spots: The Global Black Spots project uses open source intelligence to track insurgent groups, terrorists, and transnational criminal organizations. "Black Spots", or areas where traditional government structures are weak or absent, are ripe for the flow of illicit trade networks. I have worked on this project since 2015. I completed three case studies of my own: Nuevo Loja, Ecuador; Marbella, Spain; and South Ossetia In 2018, I managed a team of researchers in completing case studies for Black Spots in Egypt, China, and Iraq/Syria. 

Who Deserves Independence?: A co-authored paper (with Ryan Griffiths), this projects uses a dataset of past and present secessionist movements and ranks grievances based on existing measures. 



For the 2019-2020 academic year, I am a recipient of the Research Excellence Doctoral Funding Fellowship, awarded by The Graduate School at Syracuse University. 

For 2018-2020, I am a Junior Scholar at IPSCONhosted by the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. This group of senior and junior scholars/policymakers aims to bridge the divide between both worlds and offer tangible solutions for both scholars and practitioners.